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molecular and genetic information on Caenorhabditis elegans and related species

Tutorial and training materials by OpenHelix

Learn to use WormBase, the primary resource for molecular and genetic information on Caenorhabditis elegans and related species. This resource contains not only genomic data but also has information on strains, phenotypes, cell and gene expression, and discussion forums on the C. elegans community. This all-inclusive resource is a critical tool for those using nematodes as a model organism for their research.

Note: The WormBase team has released a new interface, and we will update our materials to reflect this soon. The current material here refers to the legacy site, which remains accessible from at this time.


You'll learn:

  • to perform Quick Searches and navigate gene summary pages
  • to browse genetic features within the context of the entire chromosome
  • to construct complex queries across various sets of data stored within WormBase
  • to perform nucleotide or amino acid sequence homology searches


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Recent BioMed Central research articles citing this resource

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More about the resource:

WormBase was created and is maintained by an international consortium of scientists. The resource is currently supported by grants from the National Human Genome Research Institute at the US National Institutes of Health and the British Medical Research Council. WormBase is updated continuously, with new content available regularly. Topics presented on WormBase range from basic protein characteristics and molecular biology to classical genetics. This database contains remarkable sequence, SNP, and allele data. All information is freely accessible to the public and available for download in various formats.

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