Learn to use miRBase, an online resource for microRNA genomics. In miRBase users can find stem-loop miRNA precursor sequences, mature microRNA sequences, information about miRNA clusters, genomic coordinates, features flanking a microRNA gene, and references to original literature describing the miRNA. The resource also includes a database of computationally predicted microRNA targets. MicroRNA and target sequences are linked to annotated databases that provide additional biological knowledge. The entire contents of the database are available for free downloading. Learn to use this database, to facilitate all your microRNA research needs.

You will learn:

  • multiple ways to search the miRBase database, e.g. by name, keyword, genomic location, and by sequence
  • to navigate the microRNA entry pages
  • to access and use deep sequencing reports to interpret microRNA validity
  • to find genomic features marking the start and end of primary miRNA transcripts
  • to find all potential miRNA targets in a genome


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