GENSAT, the Gene Expression Nervous System Atlas, provides an extensive amount of high quality images of gene expression in the central nervous system of the mouse.
Data are generated from both in situ hybridization and transgenic mouse techniques, and there are more than 80,000 images currently housed in GENSAT. Several developmental stages are used, including embryonic, post-natal and adult. You can search for data using both basic and advanced techniques, as well as link out to corresponding information in many of the other Entrez databases, such as Entrez Gene and Entrez Nucleotide. Images can be viewed, manipulated and compared using GENSAT's powerful image browser.

Note: We were notified in May 2012 that GENSAT will no longer be supported by NCBI. Records in NCBI databases are interconnected through pre-computed links, so you may still find mention of GENSAT, or links to GENSAT. However, since GENSAT is no longer a supported databases, the connections are no longer maintained. OpenHelix will retain the information about the project here, but it will not be updated in the future. For further information on the project please see the current organization where information are still available:

You will learn:

  • to perform both basic and advanced searches
  • to understand your search results and link to more information
  • how to view the images available and use the image browser to manipulate the images


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Obituaries for bioinformatics tools. No, really. We're doing it.: This is a topic that's come up more than once in groups I've been associated with. A resource we used to like to use--or link to--has become unavailable or seems dead. So you look for answers--trying t...


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