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Computer-Assisted Design software for synthetic biology

Tutorial and training materials by OpenHelix

Learn to use advanced features of GenoCAD, a Computer-Assisted Design application for synthetic biology projects, with this free tutorial provided by the Peccoud Lab at Virginia Tech. As described in the Introductory tutorial, the GenoCAD website allows researchers to assemble libraries of parts that can be used and re-used to develop an unlimited number of designs supporting bench biologists in molecular biology construction efforts. This advanced topics tutorial expands on the concepts presented in that first tutorial by demonstrating how new project libraries can be created using the Advanced Search and Cart tools; creation and modification of grammars and their underlying rules; and additional design features, such as cloning and exporting designs to GenBank format. To reinforce these concepts, advanced functions of the software are demonstrated with hands-on tasks.

Note: The training set data required for this tutorial can be accessed at FigShare: GenoCAD Tutorials. Download the "Training_Set_EColi_With_Parts.genocad" file.


You'll learn:

  • the key features of advanced searches
  • advanced design strategies for quickly creating and modifying new constructs
  • exporting designs as GenBank-compatible files that can be used by third-party tools
  • managing grammars to support new projects
  • creating and modifying grammars to suit customized design needs

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More about the resource:

GenoCAD is developed and maintained by the Peccoud Lab team at the Virginia Bioinformatics Institute at Virginia Tech. Support for this research and outreach has been provided by the National Science Foundation under grant EF-0850100

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