Learn to use HapMap, a database and analysis resource of human variation. The HapMap project identified and cataloged genetic variation in human beings in four populations with African, Asian, and European ancestry. This freely available database and variation browser contains much of the known variation of the Human genome and researchers can use the data to determine variations that affect health, disease, and individual responses to medications and environmental factors. Learn to use the genome browser associated with this project to view HapMap data, retrieve genotypes and find frequencies for genomic regions.

You will learn:

  • to find SNPs of interest with advanced searching
  • how to determine linkage disequilibrium between SNPs
  • how to find candidate tag SNPs to better design genotyping assays
  • where to download and how to use the HaploView software for deeper SNP analysis


This tutorial is a part of the tutorial group Human variations. You might find the other tutorials in the group interesting:

GAD: Genetic Association Database: An archived database associating human genes and polymorphisms with diseases

Madeline 2.0: Human pedigree diagram tools

DrugBank: A chemoinformatics and bioinformatics resource

DGV: Database of Genomic Variants: Database of Genomic Variants, DGV, catalogs and displays structural variation in the human genome

OMIM: Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM): A database of human genes, genetic diseases and disorders

CGAP: Characterize the molecular genetic changes that cause a normal cell to become a cancer cell

ENCODE Foundations: ENCyclopedia of DNA Elements

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Variation & Medical : Resources that include information about sequence variation, phenotypes, or medically-relevant conditions.


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