Learn to use GBrowse, a web application that allows you to explore genomic sequences together with annotated data. GBrowse is rapidly becoming a genomic browser of choice among organism databases, because the browser is both universal and yet customizable. Once you learn to use GBrowse at one database, you'll be able to use it to view any genome. Results can be customized to show only the data you want to see. The tool is flexible to allow you to upload and incorporate your own unpublished data into the genomic viewer. You'll have fun as you explore a variety of genomes (from paramecia to personal genomics) with the new perspective and detailed annotations that GBrowse provides.

You will learn:

  • the basic layout and search methods at GBrowse
  • how to access detailed annotation data tied to genomic sequences
  • how to select and customize annotations using Tracks
  • how to upload and incorporate your own data or other external data sources
  • take a tour of different GBrowse installations at model organism databases


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