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A web-based or downloadable software platform used for visualization and analysis of networks and interaction pathways

Tutorial and training materials by OpenHelix

Learn to use the VisANT resource, a multi-mode software platform used for visualization and analysis of interaction pathways. The VisANT application provides researchers with an easy to use graphical interface for integrating biomolecular interaction data. The metagraph structure allows multi-scale visualization of bio-networks and its integrative data-mining feature permits a large number of functional associations for 103 different species.

You'll learn:

  • how to search for interactions between genes/proteins
  • how to find and explore integrated KEGG pathway data
  • methods to effectively navigate the interaction network metagraph
  • how to integrate protein expression, orthology, sequence annotation and functional annotation data into the interaction network


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More about the resource:

VisANT is a freely available, Java-based open-source tool. VisANT can be run as a web-based tool, downloaded as a local application or run in batch mode. This resource along with the associated Predictome database, are both supported and maintained by the Center for Advanced Genomic Technology at Boston University.

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