Seminars Sponsored by the Resource Provider

The providers of resources contract with OpenHelix to provide hands-on computer seminars on their resources. Our current Sponsored seminar offerings include:

  • UCSC Genome Browser (Basic and Advanced Tools)
  • UCSC Genome Browser with ENCODE

UCSC Genome Browser
The three and half hour introductory workshop will cover the topics needed to effectively use this powerful, free, publicly-accessible tool, including basic functionality of Genome Browser, searching and BLAT use, and creating and using custom tracks.

Participants receive slide hand-outs, exercises, and UCSC Genome Browser and Table Browser Quick Reference Cards.

Using UCSC Genome Browser to access ENCODE data
This is a specialized version of the UCSC Genome Browser Seminar. In addition to learning the features and functions listed above, users will be given specific information on how to use them to access and analyze ENCODE data.

The only two requirements for you to bring a seminar to your institution are:

  • Providing a computer classroom with internet access. Preferred number of computers is 24 or above. An alternative to a computer room is having wireless available and participants bringing their own laptops. The seminar can be done in the morning and repeated in the afternoon, to reach more users.
  • Conduct outreach and communication to participants as necessary.

To bring a sponsored tutorial, fill out the Apply form.

Our seminar offerings often change, with new resources being covered. If you would like to get updates on our seminar and other offerings, you can subscribe to the OpenHelix Resource News.